Welcome to Koinonia Residential Treatment Center

What to Bring

Koinonia Residential Treatment CenterWe help individuals and families struggling with substance abuse and addiction transform their lives. We help people, one person at a time, at all stages of treatment and recovery, supporting them with our Twelve Step-based model that is the proven standard for addiction treatment and recovery.

Koinonia is a Wisconsin State-Certified and licensed Community-Based Residential Treatment Center providing treatment and therapy services for adults. The name “KOINONIA” is a Greek word meaning “FELLOWSHIP AROUND A COMMON GOAL.” The name was chosen to reflect the value placed on recovery by our Northwood’s residents and communities. The meaning, however, started and remains today the center point of our recovery philosophy.

Koinonia’s treatment programs are based on years of research and study. Our philosophy is to treat each person who comes to us with respect and dignity while providing a safe place in which to heal. Our holistic programs include integrated mental health services for co-occurring mental health issues.

Each patient's treatment plan and length of stay is truly individualized and based on the client's needs.