Koinonia Alumni Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to continue on a path of recovery by promoting wellness in ourselves, our families and within our community. We will engage in social activities and support events that foster and celebrate healthy relationships. In these, we will share with others the philosophy gained from our experiences at Koinonia; namely to accept life on life’s terms, to seek spiritual serenity and inner courage and to make ethical choices in all we do.

Koinonia Alumni is a 501(c) 3 not for profit peer to peer group that strives to provide education around the disease of addiction, tools to sustain recovery through engagement, and reduce the stigma of addiction within our community. Our group is instrumental in our community in providing all people suffering from the disease of addiction support through all stages of their recovery.

The need for all of us to CONNECT is the basis of the Connection Project. Our message is that RECOVERY works. With your support the message of recovery will be seen by of thousands of people and help reduce social costs and help people stay clean and sober.

Establish additional sober homes in the Northwoods
Establish a NEW 24/7 365 Connect model sober facility in the Northwoods that will allow alcoholic’s and addict’s a place to go to seek help, food, coffee, soft drinks any time any day to get off the street, without the fear of being arrested.

Please Donate to Support Sober Housing

If you or a loved one is seeking treatment please try Koinonia Residential Treatment or Options Counseling Services

Whats after treatment?

Just because you have decided to quit drinking and doing drugs, have completed rehab and are now in what is termed recovery, does not mean that you need to resign yourself to living the rest of your life in a ho-hum, boring existence.

While you may think that being clean and sober is just plain dull, the truth is that your life in sobriety can be fulfilling, exciting and extremely rewarding. Some might even call it fun. But that, of course, depends on your point of view.

Here we take a look at how newcomers to sobriety can discover healthy ways to have fun in recovery without jeopardizing all the gains they have made so far. Do not worry. Nothing here is out of reach of the average individual. All it really takes is a desire to create a new life for yourself, one that maximizes your enjoyment of all that life has to offer while still remaining true to your commitment to sobriety.

The Koinonia Alumni presents a platform where recovering addicts come together to create an atmosphere of fun while giving something back to the community. We find it necessary early in our recovery to make those connections that will help us in our journey of a happy and healthier life without the use of drugs and alcohol.

What We Do

Koinonia Alumni is a tax exempt organization that fund-raises for a variety of purposes. We believe in showing people in treatment - Recovery that just because we are clean and sober doesn't mean we can't have fun all while giving back to the community. We also provide medications and personal hygiene products to clients who might not be able to afford them.

Rockin Recovery Rendezvous

September is National Recovery Month and the Koinonia Alumni host an event in Rhinelander to celebrate recovery. Its a day filled with speakers, food, and fun. We have a DJ and a recovery volleyball tournament to show the importance of teamwork and communication.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Holidays can be the hardest for people in Recovery. That is why we host a Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family of the Koinonia Alumni. It is available to all recovering people and is followed by a candle light recovery gratitude meeting.

Holiday Celebration

During the Holidays we have a celebration and the Koinonia Treatment Center in Rhinelander Wisconsin. We not only have Hors d'oeuvre, we also bring in carolers and a drum group from one of the Indian Nations. What would this time of year be without a visit from the man in red for the kids.

Contact Us

Email: koinoniaalumni@yahoo.com
Phone: (715)337-2151

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